More than 15 houses each with its own unique character and sophisticated interior design, the ReBITA Share Place is the place for comfortable, stylish and communal living in Tokyo.
Our groundbreaking buildings are dotted around Tokyo at cool and convenient locations, and there are grand total of about 1000 rooms.
Specializing in renovating existing buildings and increasing our aesthetic and commercial value, ReBITA’s design has been splashed across magazines and TV worldwide.
But our share houses are also well put together and practical. The fully furnished rooms all come with auto-locked entrance, a fast and free internet connection, and a professional cleaning service.
The international residents at ReBITA’s Share Place houses have always been highly positive about the way in which the community is managed.
Social events are held at fixed intervals where guests can mingle and encounter folks of different backgrounds and careers.
These include welcome parties, cooking get-togethers, Halloween celebrations, and gatherings for Japanese festivals-and you can select to attend the events depending on what you fancy. We welcome people who are interested in Japanese language and culture.
So if you are looking for a unique guesthouse experience in Japan’s capital city, stop by and take a look at ReBITA’s Share Place. You can get in touch with ReBITA’s friendly staff at any time- they speak English and are always happy to help answer your questions.


Questions about moving in

Can I sign the contract without seeing the place?
We ask you to see the place before signing.
Also, the contract signing and provision of the key is done at the company office.
I am traveling to Japan. Is it possible to stay for a short term?
No. One condition for moving in is staying long term.
The term of the contract is for one year.
Is it possible to move in the same day?
No. Since the applicants must be reviewed, it takes about a week from applying to moving in.
Do I need a co-signer when signing the contract?
You need a co-signer. If you have a family in Japan, you can have someone that is within the third degree of relationship as your co-signer. If you do not have a family in Japan, we will introduce you to a guarantee company. Using the guarantee company costs an additional fee.
How much does it cost initially to move in?
The initial cost to move in includes the daily rate for the rent for the first month, the daily rate of the common service fee, a security deposit, the bed pad fee, and a fire insurance fee. Depending on the move in date, you may have to pay rent for the next month, common service fee and fire insurance fee.
*Some house may cost key money as the initial expense.
What is the common service fee used for?
It is used for the electricity for the common area, water and utility, daily cleaning, special cleaning, repair cost, and internet fee. For some rooms, electricity is charged separately.
Can I pay the rent with a credit card?
No. It is automatically withdrawn from a bank account so you must have a bank account in Japan.

Questions about living there

What kind of people live there?
Most of them are in their 20s and 30s with various types of jobs. About 10% are students.
About what percentage of the residents are from abroad?
It depends on the house, but about 5 to 10% are from abroad.
Is the internet available in the rooms?
Optical fiber is run to each room. If you have a computer, you can connect it right away. The fee is included in the common service fee. Also, there is a computer available in the common area so you can use it freely.
Can my friends and family stay over?
No. They can visit a place, but non-residents are prohibited to stay over.
Is there anything that is prohibited?
Owning pets, bringing in musical instruments, use of flammable objects, and smoking are prohibited. The inside is smoke free but each house has smoking areas.